The mind of a competent, confident black man

Because they shame the one's who speak up 


Black men are tired of the matriarchy known as the black community.  Men who can escape the turbulence and survive it that is.  It seems like there are a growing number of black men who have come to the same realization that I have - the current condition of the black community can not remain the same or else it will continue to spiral into self destruction.  So many like I are simply building and doing what we think is best for the community.  On the other hand, some black men are leaving the community all together.  The current state of our community is largely one where our women have an over-reliance on the state and men are just tools for whatever purposes their female counterparts want.  Concuserfs if you will.  We are at a point where without strong fathers in the house to help forge & maintain a strong family base - nothing can be done.  The issue is that we are at a point where men have no strength and no say so in being able to lead their households.  Whenever men who HAVE met a woman' standards tries to tell her what he wants or doesn't want from her he is called patriarchal or controlling.  Black men for decades have spoken about how they want cooperation, fitness, and natural hair (50/50 on this one) from our women.  But have consistently been met with the same old tactics of shaming, insults, guilt and the need to be right.  And for the longest, black men have simply had to deal with it.  Do what they're told and just take it.  I would ask our women though, how are the men who HAVE made themselves into something, made themselves into the kind of man women SAY they want - going to pick from women who have not been raised to be wives, women who have father issues or women who have an 80% obesity rate.  I'm not an interracial dater or person who promotes it, but many men of my generation and the younger generation are not going for it.  Unfortunately it seems like many more are just outright saying they're not checking for black girls at all.  This hurts my ears to hear, but again, black men have said these things for decades in regards to what they want from their women, and if they aren't getting it, can you really be surprised of the results.?

This is not just limited to dating and marriage.  Black men are starting to find their political voice and speak up with no cares as well.  Which, in my opinion, is needed because the current crop of democratic policies has not helped black men and the stability of black families over the last few decades.  Many of you have heard of the recent ruckus around Ice Cube and Lil Wayne meeting with and endorsing Donald Trump respectively.  After doing so, black men were berated across the board on social media and mainstream news networks by other black people.  Apparently, practicing black male independence and thinking for yourself as opposed to just voting for the democrats is a crime.  Again, black men are used to this and have been used to this.  If you don't go along with the matriarchy you're going to get crushed, or attempted to.  It's not working anymore though.  Maxine Waters is the most recent member of the political matriarchy to bare her fangs at black men who consider voting for Trump.  “They will go down in history as having done the most despicable thing to their families and to their communities and to their mothers and their grandmothers. Because this man is about doing away with social security as we know it. And their grandmothers who are sitting there waiting on those social security checks every month or they couldn’t eat” said Waters.  What nonsense.  Not only is she shaming black men who simply VOTE for what they think is in their best interests, she bases this off of the fact their these black men's grandmothers are at risk.  This strongly points to what I mentioned in the above paragraph - a large number of black men have realized that many black women only see them as walking tools to be used.  According to Maxine Waters - black men are supposed to vote NOT for their interests and concerns - but for their grandmothers.  Let me ask you this, what other men of other racial groups have to deal with this???  How can you wonder why Trump is going to get 20% of the black male vote, and realistically it will be more than that.  I'm not even a Trump voter, but c'mon man - shaming black men is done and over with.  We're done being told what to do.  Look at where that has gotten us.


That Lopez vs. Lomachenko fight thoooooo!  Sheesh, that sh*t was crackin.  Not sure what Lomachenko's game plan was, but not throwing punches for the majority of the first half of the fight was not smart if you ask me.  Granted he took the young bull Lopez into deep waters and tried his best to take him out - Lopez wasn't going though.  A lot to learn here folks.  Opportunities are not given.  THEY ARE TAKEN!  Enjoy the night champion.  You've earned it.


I'm sorry for taking so long between this blog and the last one.  In case anyone has been keeping up with the website and the YouTube channel but I been boomin.  Working hard between the interviews, freestyling and the vlogs - editing the video and audio footage.  Hours and hours of work.  All worth it though.  


Anyway, I came across this story about Charles Foster Jr.  He was shot and killed at a nightclub in the city (Columbus, GA).  No this is not a post about gun violence or any of that sh!t.  This is actually about black men standing on their principles and never folding.

If you read the story you will know that Charles was NOT a club person.  Per his girlfriend's (LaQuoia Arnold) own account, Charles always stated "People die in clubs" - and she had to beg him to go to the club that night which would be his last.  There are 2 main lessons to be learned here black men.  Let's Review:

1.) If you're going to settle down with a lady - marriage or girlfriend - be equally yolked.  Even the bible says this - for all you supposed christians out there.  Charles didn't like clubs, clubs equaled death from his perspective.  However his girlfriend didn't view things the same.  Here is a quote from the article:

By all accounts, Charles Foster didn't go to nightclubs. But his girlfriend, LaQuoia Arnold, did. And on New Year's Eve, it was her idea to celebrate at the club, also known as Club Majestic. Charles, on the other hand, wanted to go to church.


2.) Hold your standards and have discipline.  It is of the upmost importance that we as men have discipline in situations such as the above - No, throughout life in general.  Charles was MONTHS away from finishing school, you can't help but wonder how things would've turned out if he went to church like he wanted to.  I'm not blaming him, don't think I am - I understand the power that women have over us men.  It isn't a coincidence that Eve had the ability to bring down Adam.  King Solomon was taken down by a woman, Samson was taken down by Delilah.  So I'm not surprised that Charles girlfriend was able to get him to give in going to a club with a bad reputation either.  The article had this to say about the club:

The club has a reputation for violence — soldiers from nearby Fort Benning are even prohibited from coming here.

Women have always had this power over men, the bible calls it "charms" - I call it femininity, most times it's a mix of female manipulation and male simping.  Either way, there's no doubt about it that women have the ability to lower a man's defenses, guidelines and standards.  Let this be a message to us black men as history will always repeat itself, so it is best we learn from it. 




Let's talk about last night's presidential debate between Trump and Biden.  Who do ya'll think won?  Who do you think got their point across better?  

I'm going to keep it straight up with you.  When both presidents only want to talk about right-wing extremists and left-wing extremists respectively instead of denouncing white supremacists and extremists altogether, DURING a debate on the topic of race relations - the what is the point. 


Now if I'm really being real - Trump is going to do what Trump does and he isn't going to apologize for anything.  And while I can feel however i want about his policies - as a man (and like most other men) I can respect the fact that he stands on his ground and let's it be known what he thinks whether you like him or not.  That is the way it should be and the way the world works.  You just hope that people don't do the opposite - say one thing in your face and another behind your back.

Biden AND Harris though...I'm sorry, I don't have any respect for them.  Over the course of forty something years Biden has not been a friend to the black man and Harris hasn't been a friend to black men or women.  She has bragged about locking black women up for student truancy (something that wasn't criminalized in California before she came along) and refused to let prisoners who've earned release from prison after being used to fight forest fires, because it would adversely impact the states funding and economic plan (yes-prison labor is factored into the state budget plans) - so...even though Harris and Biden can attack Trump on his ways - they have enacted actual policy that negatively affects black men and women for a considerable amount of time in their careers.

Not that I am going to vote for Trump, but objectively speaking, why would any black man who know's what they've done to black people vote for them?  Make it make sense.  Because all I forsee with them in office is more of the same, black destruction.  


Shout out to Joe Budden.  Charlamagne Tha God just doesn't seem to understand a damn thing about ownership.  ESPECIALLY black ownership.


R.I.P ZHG Mad Zo, I was working on your interview when I heard the news.


Controlling your emotions, understanding WHY you have your logic, and making decisions backed by wisdom and facts...are the first and only steps to becoming a god.  This is not the same as someone being 'closer' to god.  Random thoughts.  #IfYouKnowYouKnow


I play tag with my twin boys at the park all the time.  This time, another little boy saw us playing and tried to join in, saying "You gotta catch me!"  At first I wanted to tell him no, then I saw the look on his face.  He was screaming for fun, screaming for play.  With his eyes he was almost begging me, "Please chase me, I want to have fun, I want to run around and play like a little boy is supposed to".  I told the kid to start running and he could join my kids in the game of tag.  Before I know it another kid came and joined in too.  I'm used to this stuff happening in my life by now.  I want to say "No" initially, but, it's cool to put a smile on a kid's face.  That's real.   

Near 80% of black households are fatherless, I keep that sh!t in my mind whenever things like this happen.  Being honest, whenever I take my kids to the park, I'm the only one actually out there chasing and playing around with them.  Just like I'm a kid.  None of the moms out there are going to do, or ever do that haha.  These were things my father did for me.  Sh!t, being honest, it was like this when I was a kid and my dad took me to the park.  I don't think I've ever seen a time when one of the other children's mom's did a quarter of the playing around my father did.  My mother included, she didn't do any of that kind of playing around when she took me or my little brother to a park, playground, etc.


It's a shame that men, particularly black men, aren't prized more in this country (United States) - it would do well for a large number of little boys who go through life experiencing NOTHING BUT female driven activities from female perspectives.  You HAVE to include men in child rearing, something the Western court system is consistently empowering women to keep from happening.  It would also greatly help with what so many women complain about when they say "Where are all the REAL men at nowadays?"  It's crazy to me that women haven't figured out that a LARGE number of them are raising the exact type of men they complain about, and then it's the next generation's problem. 


But hey, I'm just a guy who sees what's going on in the world that has a platform to speak on it.


R.I.P Chadwick Boseman.  The Black Panther.   They better not replace him with Shuri either, I'm not a misogynist, it's just that it would take away from the mantle and image of millions of black boy's hero.  Business wise I also think it would backfire for Marvel, but hey they'll do whatever they want.  I'm just a black man within his own little sphere of influence trying to spread it out a bit.  I'm going to name my car Chadwick, after Black Panther.  That's not weird or nun' right?  People do that don't they?  My car never had a name, not a meaningful one at least.  Chadwick sticks though.  Chadwick means something.  If I ever have another son, I might name him Chadwick too.


A lazy person will always hate someone who worked for what they got.  Don't be a fool and mingle with such people, especially when you already know their character.

Also, it's weird when your parents start using terms like 'LOL'.  Just weird.


When you make a solid plan that you have thought out and tested.  Stick to it, tough out whatever comes, and stay the course black man.  Especially if the plan is one that results in the betterment of your life.  If you don't stick to it, then you are showing yourself just how much you value yourself - or at least the future image of you that was going to be the result of you having carried out said plan.  #FoodForThought


Bullet points for today:

*Police brutality protesters are being hunted through social media posts, Youtube Videos and surveillance footage, be careful out there folk.  Minus the coronavirus, you have to watch out for the law getting you jammed up.  I shouldn't have to tell you how easy it is for police departments to charge people with ANYTHING they want either, even when they know it's frivolous.

*Apparently, more people than ever consider Racism and Discrimination a serious problem.  About time, not like anything new has been happening.  Not for US that is.  But you know me, I'm a pessimist.  I expect every other group to somehow benefit from the revolutionary moment in history, and ADOS (or FBA if you prefer that) being left out once again.  Just like the New Deal, and EVERY other time before that.

*Black men, take it one day at a time.  Any more than that and you open yourself up to a horde worldliness that takes the highest of mental fortitudes to combat.  Many accept the challenge and try, few succeed.


Quick bullet points for today:

*Dillian Whyte lost his final boxing match needed to secure a title shot at Tyson fury.  Knocked out against 'Sasha' Povetkin with a nasty f*cking uppercut.  Black men, let this be a lesson.  Don't hold out for forever trying to chase the dream.  At some point you have to make a choice, sh*t or get off the pot.  Dillian passed up other title opportunities, risking his mandatory status for years, struggling with the WBC, just for it to all end up with a loss - he probably won't be getting anymore title shots either.  Damn man.  Hats off to Povetkin, he set that uppercut up beautifully.

*Somebody could have told me that the link to the website on my Instagram - didn't work.  F*ckers.  I had to find out for myself after this pretty female from way back followed me and had me reviewing my profile making sure I'm crispy af hahaha.  Anyways, found out the link didn't work.  Fixed that sh*t.

*I have officially launched THE SHOWCASE - check out that tab above (or from the menu on the side if you're on a phone/tablet).  Now I got artist interviews AND freestlyes/performances.  F*ck with me


ADOS (FBA if you prefer that acronym) are making major strides, hitting CNN by advocating specifically for the plight of African Americans...and for some reason people keep talking to Cardi B about politics (Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, etc).  Madness.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  How the hell did we get such sh*tty options on BOTH sides.  


The Department of Justice has apparently found Yale University to discriminate against White and Asian students during their admissions process.   This is why reparations and the distinction between American Descendants of Slavery and other black groups like this from the Caribbean or Nigeria, should have happened decades ago.  Everything now is just a mix up and wish wash of confusing information and data that hinders any reparations movement.  We're in the age of information, until you walk a righteous path - then it turns into an of misinformation.


Who can give advice to women nowadays?  Tameka "Tiny" Harris, wife of rapper T.I., has a daughter that has gotten pregnant recently.  Her name is Zonique Pullins, her baby daddy is rapper Bandhunta Izzy.  Zonique recently did an interview with HollywoodLife where she explains that she'd rather be a mother before being a wife.  Stating this silliness:


 "I feel like at my age, I don’t really want to get married right now. I feel like that’s an even bigger commitment. I hate to say that’s even a bigger commitment than a baby, but getting married just seems like so much. So right now, that’s not really what I want to do,”

The crazy thing is that Bandhunta Izzy WANTS to get married.  Zonique is making the same mistake millions of women make, committing to a baby before committing to the man for marriage - and this isn't just me.  Tiny, her mother, knows what I'm saying is true too.  She had this advice to give her daughter regarding her unwillingness to get married:

“My mom is always like,'”Girl, if your man is talking about marriage you need to be like, yeah!


Because when it's too late, Zonique will end up being another female talking about "There are no good men", and "All men nowadays are trash."  When the reality is, you played yourself and disqualified yourself from getting a high value man.  Leaving you to enjoy the scraggle daggles that you have been entertaining anyway.  

Water seeks it's own level, most women had a good guy who they should have married or stayed married to.  Yet, they'll leave or play too many games and lose the man, then end up assed out.  Prime examples of these women's futures can be seen on the FOX Soul YouTube channel (Cough, cough...Vivica A. Fox).  A channel with 'used-to-be' famous women who were pretty enough to have their pick of men during their prime, just to end up wasting all that time jumping from man to man.  Now they have to compete with younger women for the same set of high value men - and they're consistently losing.  Then they'll say "All men are trash" or "where have all the good men gone"?

You passed on and sh*tted on them when you had the chance to get one - how'd that work out for you?


Ladies, if you get a high value man, it is in your best interest to keep him and not f*ck it up.  Because once you go back out into the sexual marketplace and try to date - you're going to find out real quick that high value men are rare and you're going to have a hard time replacing them.  Realistically, you'll end up dating/marrying down or settling for a man you really don't want.  Kelis had Nas the rapper...she left him and now she's pregnant by some photographer dude nobody knows..talk about downgrading.  Same thing happened to Amber Rose after having dealt with many high value men, now she's overweight and no man of substance is checking for her.  Same thing happened to Black Chyna, now she's just considered used up goods by any men with means.  There are alot of examples, so be warned ladies, you can think it's easy to monkeybranch from one high value man to another - and yea, we'll have sex or fun with you, but if you think we're going to wife you up or marry you (especially if you have kids by other men!) you are going to end up struggling for attention trying to get chose.  So you better choose right or not play games with the dude you know is the best option to improve your life.  Don't be like Angela Simmons, because right now I'm willing to bet $1 million that she wishes she would have chose Romeo (Master P's son) as a significant other instead of having fun and keeping him on the back burner thinking he wss just going to wait for her to stop 'having fun'.



I TOLD YOU SO: Nicole Young has now proposed that she was forced to sign Dr. Dre's prenuptial agreement "under duress" and that he actually tore up the prenuptial paperwork later on in the marriage - and between the both of them it was understood to be null and void from that point on.  I wanted to say that in case anyone hasn't seen or doesn't remember my 7.30.2020 post about Dr. Dre's initial announcement of him having a prenup before getting married - and how I'm pretty sure it's not going to matter either way.  He's getting screwed one way or another - that's just how marriage is structured for high value men in today's society.  Just wanted to say that real quick before I get to my main point below.

ADOS - American Descendants of Slavery (African Americans) have always bore the brunt of any nationwide struggle in America at disproportionate levels due in large part due to us being at the bottom of the class structure hierarchy.  So much so that it has spawned a popular phrase that has existed for decades (maybe a century?) - "When white America catches a cold, black America catches the flu".  In the middle of this Coronavirus pandemic where it's reported that half of America have lost their job, what do you think the numbers are for black America?  I propose that a large number of our professional workers and low level workers alike have been decimated, in a way that won't be fully recognized until a year or two later.  I assume by now many of us have seen reports on the news of ADOS being the most susceptible due to our underlying health conditions, us disproportionately living in close quarter apartments instead of homes, having bad healthcare, etc.  Lets also add in the fact that the moratoriums on housing evictions are coming up in a lot of states - and tenants still have to pay their rents regardless of if they've lost their job or not.  And it should make no surprise when it comes out that (if the data isn't out already) disproportionately ADOS are going to make up more of the evictions and people going homeless.  Speaking of which, the homeless is another group in American that ADOS makes up over 50% of.  All of the above while we only make up 13% (a number that hasn't moved in forever btw) of the America population.  


Sometimes people are so focused on their day-today that they fail to see the macro level, or big picture, of what's going on around them and what their future holds.  Black politicians and celebrities have been sold ADOS out, so I myself am not surprised that they haven't fought harder for us or fought in the way they should be for the people who have supported them - but let me tell you what they are not.

America is having it's cards from the deck of power being reshuffled, and there are many Game of Thrones-like agendas happening everywhere,  But this much I can tell you.





FBG Duck is dead...damn.



Apparently Kamala Harris is going to be announced as Joe Biden's Vice Presidential candidate.  Horrible.  Considering; Joe Biden's role in creating the incarcal state and Kamala Harris' role in both prison labor being used to fight forest fires and convicting single parents whose children missed days of school.  I am no Trump advocate, but the Democratic Party is so unappealing and weak, it's disgusting.  Sorry if me and a large number of others aren't motivated to vote for either party come November 2020 - if the elections even take place that is.



Dr. Dre apparently has a prenuptial agreement that he is going to fall back on in defense of his soon-to-be ex-wife's request of splitting property.  Here's the thing...I don't think it's going to stand up in court at all, or at least be anywhere near as effective as it was designed to be - 24 years later.  In the end, all a prenuptial agreement is a contract that you're hoping the judge agrees to.  Surprise surprise, if the judge doesn't like the terms of the prenuptial agreement or feels for ANY reason that the agreement shouldn't be adhered to, he can deem so.  Good luck Dre, I hope I'm wrong, but I think you're going to need it.



Listening to Young Buck's "Shorty Wanna Ride With Me", and the lyric You said you want a thug don't be scared now came on.  I couldn't help but think about the Meg Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez situation.  And no, I'm not trying to be funny even though it was a little funny to some of ya'll.  It was just a lyric that stuck out to me, on the slick, it really serves as a warning to alot of females out there - everything has hazards and risks.  Your job has occupational hazards.  Child birth has risks.  Who you choose to associate your time with, intimate and platonic...has risks and hazards.



BLACK MEN, YOUR VOICE IS FOREVER BEING DROWNED OUT - the following is an excerpt from author Ijeoma Oluo's 2018 book & New York Times bestseller, So You Want To Talk About Race:


 "Be aware of who in the group is given the most space to talk and try to center the conversation around voices of color - and, in particular, nonmale voices of color. " - Basic Guidelines Section

This book is currently being introduced into school academia amidst the George Floyd protests (I'm not saying Black Lives Matter protest - they don't get the credit for this revolution), so it is not irrelevant.  I hope this provides context for my 7.12.2020 blog post about black male suicide & black men subconsciously knowing they are to shut up in life and accept denigration from all groups, within and out the community.  That post and this one are most definitely related to the same larger issue - Black Men Having No Voice.



I'm going to start doing food reviews while I'm at it.  Sh*t, might as well make it known who THE BLOGGER is for the city since no else can even be as competitive as me when it comes to this sh*t.



Learn to take constructive criticism.  You will go a long way.  Learn when someone is bullsh*tting you.  You will go even farther.



Janelle Monae is apparently tired of misogyny in rap and doesn't want to listen to any more men rapping.  Great, now she'll just get to hear it from: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Yung Miami, JT, Kash Doll, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Cuban Doll, Chinese Kitty, Miss Mulatto, DreamDoll, Azealia Banks...SHALL I CONTINUE?  F*ck out of here mane.



As black men, we must have more patience with one another.  I know this is difficult, especially when we are raised for the most part by a single mother matriarchy (Black women lead black men on every measurable life metric: Business/Entrepreneurship, Life expectancy, Employment, Education & Wage earnings when factoring in the large number of black men making pennies an hour that work in jails, state prisons & federal prisons [Something black AND white mainstream society make sure to NEVER mention even though statistically you are supposed to factor them into the wage earnings equation since that number isn't non-neglible]) that doesn't allow black men to truly cooperate with one another outside of seeing each other as competition.  Black men, let me be the first to tell you - the black women isn't the most unprotected and uncared for being in America.  Actually, I'll take that back - they are..BECAUSE black men have ALWAYS had a consistent social, economic, judicial and legal foot on their necks that prevent them from fully providing and protecting black women - all the way up until this day.  So either way you want to cut it, it is you - BLACK MAN - who have consistently faced and bare the brunt of the inequities our community suffers.  Something that we as black men have been conditioned not to believe, and something black women will argue vehemently against even though all the above metrics prove my point.  Our community didn't get to be the only woman led one out of all ethnic groups by accident, and ANYBODY who tells you that is just ignorant.  Especially when history, facts and data irrefutably prove this.

Knowing this, I ask YOU black man, to have patience with your fellow black man.  I do my best not to go off on or immediately fight when I feel disrespected by another black man.  I no longer write off the experiences another black man says he goes through, whether with the law or if it is issues with our women.  We have an experience in this country unlike any other, and any black man going through manhood in this country more or less knows this if being honest with themselves.  We ALL have issues, but I have increasingly come to understand that nobody (for the most part), even our own women, truly give a damn - outside of their own little sons.  If you try to speak on some of the experiences you go through as a black male, with a female, the conversation is going to usually end with a variation of "Well you're a man, stop complaining and make it happen".  I would propose that this is part of the reason why for children ages 5 to 12, black males are committing suicide at higher rates than any other racial or ethnic group, per Dr. Michael Lindsey, the executive director of New York University’s McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research.  Most black men who make it to manhood understand that they are to just keep their issues to themselves, and speak on nothing.  I would also challenge any black man to ask themselves this - when is the last time you've had a black woman actually sit down and say "Hey, what are some of the issues you go through in life, and how can I help"?  Most black men have NEVER heard that in their life.  Interesting because we as black men are conditioned to do that for our black women from birth, or if we don't verbally say it - we understand that we are to work and provide tangibles that aid in alleviating those issues for our black women...

Long story short, black man, have patience with your fellow black man - because we already don't get such luxuries from a majority of our own women, and damn sure don't get It from the larger society.  Until next time.



Taraji P. Henson has came out and said that black women need to stop buying into the 'Strong Black Women' ideology, and that it has hurt black women over the years (somebody tell this to Vivica A. Fox).  AMAZING - black men have said this, or a version of this, for DECADES now.  Only to be met with what are now #Classic responses that most black men have come to expect, or know exist

1.) You're just a weak black man

2.) You just can't handle strong black women

3.) You just want white women

4.) You're not the type of black man that we want anyway

5.) You're gay or on the down-low

I wonder if black women will listen now.  I think it's a little too late and the damage has been done, but hey, I'm a pessimist.  I hope I'm wrong.



Jada Pinket Smith has tarnished the image of Will Smith and the respect he will gain from men FOREVER.  Regardless of whatever goes on in their marriage, even if it was during a split or a separation - once you reach such a high level of status - reputation and image MUST be protected.  So much so that it is listed as law #5 in the classic, bestselling book - The 48 Laws of Power.  I can not bash any man or woman who does something during a split or break up of a relationship - but if you lack the ability to mess with someone who WON’T come back and tarnish your relationship when you get back together, then you lack critical thought and the gift of foresight.  If there is even the SLIGHTEST of chance that you think you might get back together with your significant other, then you are supposed to move accordingly.  Making matters worse, Jada brought Will to her Red Table broadcast and OPENLY discussed this issue for the whole world to hear.  Before butthurt people comment - remember - Will and Jada are a POWER COUPLE that are well known throughout many circles and recognized worldwide, so the above applies even more than just your regular everyday couple.  If it wasn’t known who the person was that Jada slept with, there could at least be an attempt to Jay Z and Beyonce the issue by creating products around it like Beyonce’s Lemonade album, or their joint album Everything is Love, both of which were placed on Jay Z’s streaming platform - Tidal, making millions in the process.  If the roles were switched and Will Smith’s fling was coming back to haunt his family - I would be saying the same things about him.  I actually do believe he has some flings out there myself (rumors about their marriage have existed for DECADES already) - but I don’t think we will ever hear about them being CONFIRMED.  Why?  Because as I mentioned above, once you reach a certain status in life, your reputation and respect ARE EVERYTHING and you protect them at all costs.  Especially amongst men.  This is the reason for the quote “You don’t turn a h*e into a housewife” - because OTHER men look at the quality of women you are choosing to link yourself to and will either give you MORE respect for your choice, or LESS respect.  If a man wifes a woman that the whole block has had sex with, men would look at him and say to him (or behind his back), “Why the hell did you wife up something that everybody else has had their way with, something not special at all, something that the world has already had their way with - bruh, you got nothing that everybody else hasn’t seen before and paid way less of a price to have”.  The opposite example of this amongst men is when men see a fat, short, ugly man with a beautiful woman.  Other men who see this say to him (or behind his back) “Damn bruh, you did good!  How did you get her?  Good sh*t dude”.  The quality of women a man is with will either bring his respect amongst his peers down, or will make it increase.  Tis a shame; all the men who grew up watching Will Smith or listening to his music, will NEVER be able to look at him the same again - or even bring up a conversation about him without talking/thinking about the fact this his woman has been shared by another man.  His name and image have been forever tarnished.  There’s a lot for men and women to learn here.  Until next time folks.



I've been hearing too much talk about black women not feeling protected by black men, further more, too much talk about how black women should just stop protecting black men.  Of course, this is coming mostly from black women, and it amazes me how the most college educated group in America can say such foolishness.  For example, if we black men as a whole woke up one day and said "We will not marry, date or deal with ANY black female that has children by ANOTHER man" (let alone multiple children by different baby daddies) - the black community would spiral into CHAOS within days.  However, we DON'T do that, we actually do the opposite and are willing to play step daddy, bond and help raise children who are not ours more than ANY other ethnic group by far.  But that's not a form of protection apparently.  Some of these same black women are REALLY bringing up Breonna Taylor as an example of not being protected by black men - as if her boyfriend didn't shoot at the cops when they busted in the house...literally a shootout.  Yea....OK.  Oh, I must have forgot...black men aren't supposed to speak on these things.  We're just supposed to take criticism, keep our mouth's shut and let every other group denigrate us.  Even when it's our own women.  #OOPS, did I say that.